quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

New Time

Yesterday I promised on facebook to tell you all how is my life, the history about my stupid suitcase, about the new place and new organization.  Then, today, here I am to tell you very quickly, because I am so busy and I need to get back to pack :)

As you already know, I am not part anymore of Youth With a Mission since Dezember, 20th, but I am still living here because it has been so difficul to find a apartment to rent.

I wouldnt had lived the last fridat if i could to choose.  Rarely you see me complaining in the virtual world, but friday was a really hard day. I woke up with the new mom was in the hospital and could not get home because she had a high blood pressure and medicines werent working.  Then, Carla and I saw that Larissa wasnt at home after working.  She gets at home always at 2am because of the schedule she has at the job.  We got also a calling and the family that suppose to adopte one of the girls, they were giving it up because of the bad behavior of the girl who even was agressive with a two years old little girl and, then, I didnt have hope enough to find a new place to live with my financial resources right now in Belo Horizonte.  I couldnt sleep from friday to saturday  but I had told to God that I knew that He has the control about everything, that He loves Larissa and my mom so much more I do and that I was sure He wouldnt forget me and because of this I would trust on  Him.

I wake up really early saturday and I went to my job.  Vila Eunice (the name of the place) has challenged me so much. The work there is with so hard girls to deal with, girls who already had a lot of problems with police, some of them agressives and violent.  Later I am going to tell you more about my new wonderful place.  Getting back to the point, I went to work and there I started to get a lot of callings with opportunities to rent a place.  The oportunities were miracles, since Carla (who I am going to live with), we were already so tired to look for. We had my our hands more 5 places to see.  

Between those oportunities,  we got the one from God to us:  an apartment with all furniture inside, to rent without a lot of documents, two sleep rooms and into the center of the city of Belo, for a really cheap price. I cried to see the Gods faithfullness . The appartment has everything inside and we can stay there as long as we want or need.  One 'Jesuscidence" was that I have a suitcase and I locked it and I couldnt open it anymore even trying all the passwords. I was thinking about to go to live in Rio (before I undestand that God wanted me here).  Yesterday, when I was organizing all things to go to the new house, without so much effort,  it opened.  I just felt God saying to me that now I was going to the right place. I feel I am in the center of God's will.

To resum:  Larissa was fine and she was at some place with friends.  The girls from Rio went back to Belo Horizonte and she is with a staff of YWAM BH. Now I have an apartment really in the center of Beaga (dreammm/loveittttt/adoreittttt), mom went back home today (GLORY TO GOD)...

With it all I can realize some things: never be affraid or think it is not worth to invest on people and to believe them, God doesnt forget who does it.  Always trust on God.  Thank in every and each circunstance. Miracles happens!!!!

The next days I wont have internet at home so be pacient because i will see by my mobile. I am crazy to tell you about new place I am working, but i will tell it another day... Big kiss and thank you so much for each and every single prayer for us...

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